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Imagine a more efficient, effective and accountable government; the kind that hard working taxpayers deserve. Together we can achieve this and more.

Small Business

As a small business owner herself, Lynda is an avid supporter of the welfare of small businesses. Lynda understands the…


Education is one of Lynda’s top priorities aside from creating better business opportunities, forming a just economic environment, and protecting…


Lynda Wilson believes that job creation, economic opportunities, and quality living are the fruits of an innovative and private sector.…


Lynda Wilson places a lot of value in developing and maintaining a clean environment. The protection of the environment and…

About Linda

Meet Lynda

Her Aim is to review and Restore Opportunity, Trust, & Freedom Lynda Wilson is highly honored and privileged to embody the citizens of the Seventeenth District. Get to know more about her illustrious life. Lynda Wilson is a Washington native and lived her life in Clark County. She’s stayed in the county since the year 1973, the year her father retired and finally settled in. In 1976, Lynda graduated high school at the Evergreen High School. In the years that followed, she lived her life as an adult, got married to her ...


Our cheapest energy source is hydropower. In 2006, the hydropower was determined as a non-renewable…


The government should be transparent to the people at all times. One of Lynda’s principles…

Transportation & Infrastructure

Lynda Wilson understands the importance of transportation systems and infrastructures for the social health and…


Women's Soccer Team

Equal Pay for Women’s Soccer Team? A Senate Bill Proposal

Most national women’s teams are paid significantly less amount than the men’s teams. The United States is not an exception. Women receive a lower amount, and this has been taken to the senate through a bill that proposes an equal payment for the two national soccer/football teams.
The Bill
On 9th July 2019, Senator Joe Manchin introduced a bill that will change the funding of the men’s soccer team for FIFA world cup soccer schedule for 2026. The proposal argues that the team will not receive financial support…

CBD Oil Business

How to Start a CBD Oil Business?

CBD business is suitable for people who have sincere interests in using the substance to treat various medical conditions. You as a future Cbdistillery Coupons business owner must understand the intricacies of this substance and how it can help in treating various clinical diagnosis.
Steps in Starting a CBD Business
Below is a list of the necessary steps to successfully open a CBD oil business.
Create a Business Plan
A comprehensive plan is essential for all types of businesses. Here are a few …

Phone Case Business

Phone Case Business Market Research

The idea of customizing and accessorizing your belongings had been thriving alongside the need of people to express themselves. Those that set the trend to buy Xiaomi Redmi K20 Back Covers Online in India for the market had opened more options to the masses, and their concepts are focused on the things we identify ourselves most with. One of those whose growth had been quiet but steadily grew lucrative over the years is the phone case industry.
Remember when cellphones were almost as big as telephones …

Election Campaign Website

Setting Up Your Election Campaign Website

If it was a decade ago, social media visibility won’t matter at all for election candidates. Today, election candidates can’t afford to be virtually invisible. This is because all information about celebrities and politicians are easily accessible through the internet.
In order to be stay visible online, setting up an election campaign website is a wise move. Here are some of the important pointers to remember in setting up an election campaign website:
Choose a Website Domain and Host
A domain is your web address. …

Cars of World Politicians

Best Cars of World Politicians

When you are a state politician, chances are you will be seen by many as a celebrity. Like a celebrity, you will also enjoy the perks of being one such as having a nice, secure house to live in or driving on the streets in the most impressive cars the market can offer. While most have their own special features which you can check under more info about this product, there are common features these cars have, primarily for the security and safety of the passenger of these vehicles. Many of the politicians in …

Advantages of Working for the Government

They are responsible for the daily workings that ensure the government to continue leading its citizens. They get more chances to find the insurance special offers because companies prefer to sell their policies to a government employee. The foundation of any democratic country is a functioning and stable government, something which cannot be achieved without the help of hardworking government employees.
Working for the government can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding. Aside from the pay, there are many advantages to…

Veterans Village Groundbreaking

Lynda attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the Veterans Village in Vancouver’s Minnehaha area. The Veterans Village is the vision of Michael Stacey, a local Vietnam War veteran. It was a longtime goal by Stacy to establish a community for local veterans that are homeless. The village stands at 5118 NE Saint James Road. It underwent five phases before completion.
Lynda is a firm believer that to look out for those who have done valiant service is our duty. In this way, we are able to show our gratitude for the sacrifices that these veterans did for the protection of our …

National Electrical Contractors’ Association Endorses Lynda Wilson for Senate

NECA has given their support to Lynda Wilson in her campaign as State Senate of the 17th Legislative district of Washington. A lot of other business associations and independent contractors have also expressed support for Wilson. NECA strongly believes that Wilson will be tackling several issues that concern them. These issues are certificate requirements, license requirements, building code revisions, B&O taxes, and options for obtaining industrial insurance as a part of the private sector. The resolution of these concerns is in line with Wilson’s motives to create an…

Public Education Advocacy Group Endorses Wilson

Stand for Children, a public education advocacy group has supported Lynda Wilson in her campaign as State Senate in the 17th Legislative district of Washington. One of the goals of the Stand for Children organization is to elect bold and just leaders, along with the advancement of public education, and the empowerment of parents.
The mission of Stand for Children is to ensure that every child in different backgrounds will graduate from high school and will have the opportunity to pursue a college education or undergo career training. One of the steps they make to …

Advertising Campaign with Custom T-Shirts

Tips for Running an Effective Political Advertising Campaign with Custom T-Shirts

Are you an aspiring councilor? Mayor? Governor? or senator? No matter what position you desire in order to serve and govern people, election campaigns are vital in order to win your post.There are several marketing ideas to aid your electoral campaigns: Social Media, Flyers, Advertisements, or even with customized paraphernalia like custom t shirt printing.
Politicians invest a lot on their political campaigns as this is a way to connect to the masses. It lets you promote your ideologies, plans, and programs for the people …

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