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Mobile phones have immensely changed the world. Best mobile plans are now among the properties that a person has to have in order to connect to the rest of the planet. According to The Statistics Portal, the number of users of mobile phones reached up to 4.68 billion in 2019. That is basically 67 percent of the entire world population. The boost in the mobile phone market is credited to the swelling popularity and usability of smartphones. Samsung and Apple are considered to be the leading brands of smartphones nowadays.

The topic of mobile phones is even more interesting when related to famous people around the globe. Let us take a peek at our world leaders’ mobile plans.

Donald Trump and His iPhone

Donald Trump of the United States of America originally used a Samsung Galaxy. However, because of his tweets labelled “via Twitter for Android” and security purposes, he had to switch to iPhone. This was confirmed by his assistant, Dan Scavino, in March 2017. Ironically, in 2016, following Apple’s refusal in unlocking the phone used in San Bernardino shooting last 2015, Trump encouraged his followers to boycott all products of the said phone company.

Putin’s Glonass

The spokesperson of the Russian President Vladimir Putin insisted that the leader does not have a mobile phone. If ever Putin needs a mobile phone, a smartphone would be handed by his assistants. However, newspaper articles reported that he was pictured utilizing a Russia-made MTS-Glonass 945. This smartphone was Qualcomm and ZTE built and released in March 2011. It is attuned with Glonass, a costly Russian Federal Space Agency program. Putin’s mobile plans are definitely exclusive.

May’s Blackberry to iPhone Choice

Blackberry was once one of the world’s champion phone brands. However, the Canadian firm behind the phone brand stopped making phones in 2016 due to the sales decline. Though Theresa May, United Kingdom Prime Minister, has been a loyal consumer of Blackberry phone, she needs to adapt to changes and improvements and had to use iPhone instead.

Russian Phone as A Gift

Chinese leader, Xi Jinping reportedly received a gift from Vladimir Putin during the APEC. It was a Russian YotaPhone 2 which has two-screen types. One of the screens is a Kindle-like display of electronic paper that can be read even if the battery is off. It is still uncertain if Xi uses this gift. His wife, Peng Li Yuan, on the other hand, was sighted on camera using an iPhone 5.

The Dictator’s HTC

Since 2006, luxury products such as phones are banned in North Korea. South Korean reports stated that Kim Jong-un considers using a Samsung or iPhone smartphone would be “extra burden”. Pictures released in 2013 revealed that the dictator still uses an HTC smartphone.

Two iPhone for The Young Macron

As the youngest president of French history, Emmanuel Macron showed his youthfulness in having not one but a pair of iPhones with him. This clearly implies that the young leader prefers Apple products over Android.

Managing a country is no easy task. Having a reliable smartphone brand is a must, but it will all depend on the leader’s technological taste.

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