Cars of World Politicians

When you are a state politician, chances are you will be seen by many as a celebrity. Like a celebrity, you will also enjoy the perks of being one such as having a nice, secure house to live in or driving on the streets in the most impressive cars the market can offer. While most have their own special features which you can check under more info about this product, there are common features these cars have, primarily for the security and safety of the passenger of these vehicles. Many of the politicians in the world own cars for easy transport to and from their offices but only a few drive the best cars in town. Here are some of the best and famous cars owned by world politicians.

The US President’s The Beast – Cadillac

At around 8,000 kg, this is one of the largest and most secure cars a world politician can drive around the country. The entire chassis, tires, and windows were all bulletproof and have their own weapons storage arsenal propelled such as rockets, shotguns, tear gases, and anti-tank missiles. The most fascinating thing about this vehicle is its doors. There are no keyholes in it and only those in the US Secret Service knows how to get someone in and out of the car. Primarily, this has been considered to be one of the most secure cars in world politics.

UK Prime Minister’s Jaguar Land Rover XJ Sentinel

Although the car weighs less than the US President’s car, this vehicle is not to be underestimated. This runs on a 5.0L V8 Engine and is faster than the US Presidential car, 121 mph to be precise, and its tires were run flat. As usual, a weapon arsenal has been fitted in for emergency car attacks, and gun ports were installed for security forces to shoot assailants while staying safe inside the bulletproof vehicle. On non-invasive cases, the car has a Dolby 1200 watt surround sound system and heated and cooled plush leather seating for the PM’s convenience.

HM The Queen’s Bentley State Limousine

Many in the streets of UK would easily recognize the Queen’s car because of the flag and seal, but there is more to the car than its appearance. This customized Bentley is only one of two made, and this has been customized entirely for Her Majesty’s use. The door swings at 90° wide and is designed to be a coach door, so the Queen does not struggle coming out of the car. The windows are also bulletproof in case of an assassination attempt and can be even sealed airtight should a gas attack happens. The vehicle runs on biofuel as the Royal Family is inclined towards the use of environment-friendly resources.

The Well-Known Pope Mobile – Fiat 500L

With a wide window to let the Pope and the people around him see each other, this is one of the less expensive cars a world politician can have. However, the security and safety features of this car are not to be underestimated. This has its own protection system, bulletproof window panes and tires, and it also runs efficiently at a 1.5L top engine. This vehicle serves as one of the three transportation systems the Pope enjoys to have while maintaining a life of frugality in the eyes of the faithful and the residents of Vatican City.

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