Election Campaign Website

If it was a decade ago, social media visibility won’t matter at all for election candidates. Today, election candidates can’t afford to be virtually invisible. This is because all information about celebrities and politicians are easily accessible through the internet.

In order to be stay visible online, setting up an election campaign website is a wise move. Here are some of the important pointers to remember in setting up an election campaign website:

Choose a Website Domain and Host

A domain is your web address. Look for a domain that is easy to memorize and can stick to the voter’s mind.

A website host is where your site files and data are stored. That being said, it’s important to choose a web hosting company that can ensure your information is kept safe and secure. You have to anticipate how much space and traffic you can expect in order to choose the right web hosting company.

Plan and Create Your Website Content and Layout

As an election candidate, your purpose is to let voters know more about you. Bear in mind that your website will help establish your visibility every time a voter types your name in a search engine. This will be an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to the voters.

Your website content must be easily understood and the layout should be simple. Avoid large, colorful, and animated fonts that might distract voters from focusing on the content of your website. Strive to make it professional-looking as possible.

Include Links Where Voters Can Find More Information about You

You may include links to your social media accounts where voters can read more about you. Voters are curious about what you do at home or at work. Include links to pictures of events you have previously attended that have an impact on society. Voters are more curious about what you can do for them. Post pictures and inspirational videos that will get their attention.

Include a Volunteer Recruitment Link

An election campaign website is an opportunity for election candidates to encourage voters. It is also nice to include a link for volunteers. Voters who were convinced by your qualifications and election platforms can easily sign up to be a part of your campaign group. This is an ideal way to encourage supporters and increase their numbers.

You May Also Include Links to Surveys and Polls

This is a way of letting voters know that you are interested to know their thoughts about you or any political issues. This will encourage them to voice out their concerns about your election platforms or any political hot issues. This will help you prepare for the political speeches that address the voter’s predicament about you being elected.


At the end of the day, it does not matter whether you have the fanciest or the most colorful election website. As an election candidate, you should focus on getting your message across the voters. Your election website must contain information that will inspire them and give them hope that your election will give them a better and brighter future.

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