Phone Case Business

The idea of customizing and accessorizing your belongings had been thriving alongside the need of people to express themselves. Those that set the trend to buy Xiaomi Redmi K20 Back Covers Online in India for the market had opened more options to the masses, and their concepts are focused on the things we identify ourselves most with. One of those whose growth had been quiet but steadily grew lucrative over the years is the phone case industry.

Remember when cellphones were almost as big as telephones and did not need mobile phone covers? Well, those times had long been gone. As more smartphones are released each year, with the latest model more sophisticated than the ones released earlier, the demand for gadget protections rises exponentially. The software upgrades are constant and hardware gets smaller and more advanced. The smartphone industry isn’t showing any signs of stopping, and the phone case industry is cashing in on it as well.

How Lucrative is the Phone Case Business?

According to US Trading Economics, there has been an increase in disposable income over the years. Consumer confidence has doubled as well. This is an indication that the economy is growing and that people won’t worry as much when they spend on their wants – and everyone wants fancy mobile phone covers that will both protect and accessorize their phones.

The variety of options also tap into the consumer’s preferences, giving them the chance to express themselves through their product choice.

Other product types include:

  • Cases and Skins – solid protection that are attached and custom fit to the device.
  • Pouches and Sleeves – removable coverings in which a device is slipped into.
  • Flip Cases – basically a case with a mobile phone cover that can be flipped off and over the front of the device.
  • Tempered Glass – a protective film placed on top of the LCD screen of the device

Mobile phone covers also come in a range of materials to choose from depending on the consumer’s budget, lifestyle, and inclinations. They’re as follows:

  • Silicone/Rubber – cheap, flexible, eco-friendly, and has an excellent grip. Unfortunately, it has also conductivity so it stores heat for longer periods which may damage your phone.
  • Leather – expensive and looks fancy but may add bulk to the device. It can endure wear and tear and has incredible resistance to drops and damage. It is also not an eco-friendly option.
  • Fabric Cases – cheap and does not store up heat but is prone to stains. It may not offer much protection from drops and damage.
  • Hard Cases – highly customizable, does not store up heat, and offers surface protection from punctures but not from impact damage; it is the most commonly chosen.

How Do I Start the Business?

If you are planning to start a business selling mobile phone covers, there are many ways you can start. Here are three of them:


You will need a supplier from which you can get your stocks and a market to whom you can sell. You will act as a middle-man, and your job is mainly on marketing.

Order and Fulfillment Services

All you need is a phone case design to market, get enough people to order in bulk, and have a supplier manufacture them for you. This can come with your branding as well.

Buy Your Own Machine

Getting your own vacuum sublimation printer will mean bigger expenditure, but this means you can market yourself as a supplier. Your income won’t have to depend on another person’s business.

A good marketing strategy will prove helpful in this pursuit, and we wish you luck on your new business venture.

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