The growing issue of legalization of cannabidiol, also known as CBD, seems like a never-ending topic. The hot issue fired up when science supported the health claims of using the CBD on people.

It claims that it can help in the prevention of different seizures, anxiety, pain, and inflammation. Since then, people urged the state with the positive benefits that they can get from the CBD.

However, the state has not yet fully reviewed the issue. Not every state in the US has already passed the review of CBD’s legalization. Local officials, together with the state’s lawmakers, are claiming that they are already taking full enforcement and action to solve the issue.


What is CBD?

CBD is a non-intoxicating substance that can be found in marijuana and hemp. As the source of CBD, these two plants have enough compound of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that can make people high. However, nowadays, CBD is being processed to become CBD oil that lacks the THC.

Like what was mentioned above, it claims to be beneficial for people’s health. This became a reason for businesses in the marketplace to sell CBD oil products; ranging from supplementary pills, diet pills, cocktails, drinks, and candy.


Is it legal or illegal?

With this growing interest in selling, state officials are alarmed in the possibility of abusing CBD. The FDA also opposes it because of some false health claims and the undetermined effect in other conditions.

With the different complaints being received by the FDA, legalization of CBD is now being pulled out in states. California’s health officials warned the sellers to remove their CBD products until the regulators finalized the law. With California being the nation’s largest marketplace for legal marijuana, this resulted in a big number of confused users and sellers.

Health officials in San Francisco also did the same thing. Bombarded by the people’s confusion, they still barred business from selling such products. The spokesperson of San Francisco claims that they sent over 1,900 warning letters to CBD oil businesses.

In addition to this, different public notices and warnings made by US state were also sent to Ohio, New York, Texas, and others. A lot of consumers and sellers are now confused about the expected action that the lawmakers and officials wanted.

Reported by the big CBD businesses, owners have claimed that they already lost big sales, relocation expenses, and legal costs. They expressed their confusion and experience with the adjustments and changes that the state is implementing.



The issue of CBD is indeed an important thing to tackle. Using the law and investigations, people are hoping for a fast answer from the state officials. To fully clear up and end the confusion, the state is transparent with whatever legal action they will pass.

Nevertheless, the state, together with the health officials and lawmakers, advised that the CBD ban remain until they fully reviewed the action. The rising issue of opposing and proposing the CBD’s legalization will be finalized in legal necessities.

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