Juice Bar Business

When it comes to beverages, juices are a top choice both health wise and money wise.  Because people are aware of the benefits of juice and Juicers, there is actually a pretty high demand for establishments that sell the drink.

In fact, juice bars are a trend in every social landmark—in  malls, parks, schools, and even offices. You can find juice bars in the a form of stall, cart, or even a traditional vegan bar. Juice bar businesses are one of the most profitable ones in the industry today since it only requires minimal operating expenses, simple inventory management requirements and routinary operation. This means that the business will incur only small costs but can rack up a lot of profits.

Before you open your business, you need to first get a license sinceevery business has to be under the government’s rules and regulations. Here are a few things you need to add to your to-do list when acquiring the license.

Vendor License

First off, you’ll need to secure your vendor license. For this license, you will need to set aside $10-$15 to cover all the possible document expenses. A vendor license will make it easier for you to file an income tax return form and  it will also prevent further tax-related issues that may affect you and your business. Upon applying for one, be clear about the type of vendorship you are working on based on the operations and purposes of your juice bar.

Health Permit

This is one of the most important permits for businesses. You’ll have to secure this because your products are for human consumption. Having this one displayed on your business premises will allow your customers to feel secured and safe about your products. This permit is needed so that the government may check your operational quality control and the product safety itself.

Zoning Permit

If you are planning to open up your juice bar in an existing establishment or building, you’ll have to secure your zoning permit. For this one, you may go to your city hall or any other local government  establishment since they are the ones in charge for issuing such. Every city has its own rules and regulations when it comes to zoning permits. It is best to learn about the requirements of the permit before the commencement of the construction work.

Business Licenses and Permits

Every business needs to secure a business license and permit. This is to legally pay income taxes for the balanced wealth contribution of the society. Not having such may cause further troubles and thus more expenses to your business. In some cases, non-compliance to such leads to the closing of the business and seizing of assets.


Putting up your own juice bar business is pretty easy if you have the know-how and the entreprenuerial drive.  However, you do need to follow the certain rules and regulations set up by the government. This is to ensure that you’re operating legally and have all the necessary documents to prove it. With our guide, you should have no problem securing all the necessary licenses to run your juice bar.

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