Effectively Clean Floors

Cleaning floors is not a very fun chore. For one, no matter what you do, it will never be completely free of dirt because people walk on it all the time, carrying all the dust from other places. However, that does not mean that there are no effective ways to clean it as thoroughly as possible. The best way is Spray mop at floorcleaningtools which are cool, effective and cost effective as well.


1. Sweep From Corners

When you’re sweeping your floors, make sure that you start from corners going to the exits. It’s always in going out so you won’t miss any dirt on the floor. Do pile the dust in one area near the exit. If you keep moving it around, it will just scatter around your floor.

2. Do Short Strokes

Do short strokes with the broom when cleaning floors. This way, you ensure that the pile of dust is well-kept while you push it towards the exit. Do not swing the broom too hard as this will make the dust under the broom fly in the air.

3. Use A Dustpan

Once you’re done sweeping the whole floor of the room, use a dustpan to collect the pile of dirt up. It’s important that you have a dustpan at the ready because otherwise, the dirt you’ve collected will just scatter in other parts of the house.

4. Make Sure The Broom Is Good

Don’t use a broken broom to sweep your floor. A broken broom is an ineffective broom. Always check it, especially the bristles, to see if you’re in need to buy another one.

5. Clean Your Broom

Do clean your broom on a regular basis. There’s no point in cleaning your floor with a dirty broom; it will only get dirtier. You can clean this with soap and water.

6. Follow A Schedule

Sweep your floor regularly. For floors that get walked on a lot, sweep twice a day; otherwise, sweep at least twice a week.


1. Keep All Objects Off The Floor

First, you need to remove any item on the floor, may it be toys or beds and pillows. The floors have to be free of anything to be able to vacuum them thoroughly.

2. Dust-Off The Room

Try to dust off the room first. Shake the curtains and use feather duster with the tops of the cabinets.

3. Vacuum The Walls

Once you’re satisfied, start vacuuming the walls with the crevice attachment. Remember that when cleaning a room, you have to work from top to bottom then inside to out.

4. Vacuum The Floor

Now, vacuum the floor from the corners going out. Make sure to clean under elevated furniture as well. Work your way out in one direction to avoid scattering the dust. Do this at least thrice a week.

5. Clean Your Vacuum

Just like with broom, it’s important to clean your vacuum, too. Throw out the dust collected and wash the vacuum head to clean the floors more effectively.


Mopping comes after cleaning the floors with broom or vacuum to make them sparkling clean. Here are some tips on how to mop your floor properly:

•             Use a classic cotton mop.

•             Dip the mop with soap and warm water.

•             Mop the floor from inside going out.

•             Wash the cotton mop.

•             Repeat from step 2 until satisfied.


These are some of the basic ways to keep your floors clean. However, sometimes, a specific kind of floor requires a specific kind of cleaning method, so do your research to avoid damages on it.

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