Grocery Shopping

Everyone is trying to save some money from grocery shopping. Why wouldn’t they? The more people save, the better. One of the ways to do this is by using discount coupons from TakeTheCoupon, but to maximize these discounts more, here are some extreme tips you can follow.


  • Don’t Use Coupons on Full-Priced Items

Say, for example, you buy an item worth $10, it’s 10% discount is $1, but you will still have to pay for $9, whereas if you use your 10% discount coupon on an item on sale, for example, a piece originally priced $10 but is now only $8, you will only have to pay, $7.2. It’s a way better deal.

  • Don’t Buy Because It’s on Sale

Just because it says here that you should buy items on sale doesn’t mean that you should buy ANY item on sale. Some things are on sale, but if you do the proper computation, you won’t save much either. Wait for low deals, instead.

  • Don’t Be Loyal to Brands and Shops

People are especially bent on buying the same brand of items from the same shop because of the quality, but it’s not the principle that should be applied if you want to make the most of your discount coupons – choose the brands and shops that give the most economical price.

  • Don’t Use Every Coupon

Not every coupon is meant to save money. For example, some will only give you discounts if you make a certain number of purchases for a particular item. That’s not saving you money at all, especially if the thing is not something you always need.

  • Don’t Buy All Deals

Do remember that you’re using coupons to save as much money as you can, and buying unnecessary items for the deals defeats the purpose of saving money.


  • Do Sort Your Coupons

Sort out your coupons to see which ones give the best discounts. They will be organized, and so you will unlikely miss anything that has a great discount value.

  • Do Stick to Your List

Before you go into the store, have a list of the things you will need and use coupons for. Get them fast and check out to avoid buying unnecessary items. If, and only if, the item on sale and eligible for the coupon is something you absolutely and regularly need, can you buy in bulk.

  • Do Be Familiar with Price Points

Familiarize yourself with price points. If you know the price point by heart, you would know which items will accumulate the most significant discounts.

  • Do Take Advantage of Overage

The overage means your coupons have a higher amount than of the item on sale. In this case, many stores apply it to the other things, which can earn you another free thing, even if it’s just soap or toothpaste.

  • Do Use Coupons in Order

Determine which coupons will get you the most significant discounts, and use them first. For example, make sure that the coupon you use first has a cut on a more substantial amount of the total price before using coupons that only have discounts on smaller amounts.

  • Do Have Multiple Copies of a Coupon

Finding coupons is the first step here. Then, once you do, collect multiple coupons, especially for items that you repeatedly buy. The more coupons you have on such items, the more discounts you can avail.

  • Do Know the Store’s Policies

Familiarize yourself with the store’s discount policy as well. The more you understand their systems, the more comfortable and better for you to maximize the use of coupons you have.


Be wise in using your coupons. Just because they give discounts does not mean they’re always going to provide YOU with discounts.

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