Memorial and Prayer Cards

In every modern funeral ceremony, it is a common practice to distribute memorial cards to mourners. These cards are generally small, solidly built, and laminated cards that act as reminders of a deceased person. Although these cards are primarily distributed in funerals, you will also find them in memorial services, celebrations of life, wakes, and visitations among other events.

Memorial cards have different names in different regions. They may be referred to as prayer cards, memorial cards, or funeral cards.  Regardless of the names, the cards are famously regarded as a significant keepsake for the mourners attending the funeral service. It is a common practice for people to place these cards in their prayer book or bible in remembrance of their lost loved ones after the funeral.

Design of a Memorial Card

A memorial card can be designed in different ways to suit the client’s requirements. A typical memorial card features the image of the deceased and another inspirational photo on the front side. The back cover of the card features a short scripture, short poem, or a short biography of the lost loved one. Traditionally, these cards had a spiritual theme, but in modern times, designers are incorporating secular themes.

The Origin of Memorial Cards

Memorial cards originated from the ancient Catholic traditions of a prayer card. Prayer cards were issued to the people attending the funerals of various respectable saints. The cards were also used in honor of various biblical episodes.

The cards were issued at the funerals, but they did not feature specific information related to a single particular person. With the invention and the subsequent development of customized printing, the cards were designed for use in funerals as memorial tributes.

However, churches retained prayer cards to date and are sold in selected religious stores and gift shops in churches. These cards are plain and don’t feature any information related to funerals.

You will be surprised to hear that vintage cards are still popular in modern society because of their symbolism and imagery. Some people use them in genealogical studies and research. These old cards can be found in selected antique shops, trading fairs, and sites such as eBay.

Memorial Card Printing

You can have your card printed at a local printer or you can make your own. Some online vendors offer multiple design templates that allow specialized customization. They also provide shipping services after printing.

When choosing a card printer, it is important to look for the most experienced person to do the printing. An experienced printer understands the need for quick printing and shipping and is sensitive to your grieving situation. Here are some of the important factors to consider when choosing a card vendor:

  • The vendor should have multiple design options and templates
  • Should have a reliable and secure website
  • Have a reliable phone number that you can call to speak with him
  • Have unlimited access to reliable designers
  • Have a quick turnaround

Final Thoughts

Funeral memorial cards are gaining popularity because they are seen as a way of honoring deceased loved ones. Therefore, in the unfortunate times when you are grieving, it is important to look for card vendors to print some memorial cards to distribute to mourners during the funeral. It is also important to choose an experienced vendor to ensure timely and high-quality delivery.

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