Printing a Document

When we are doing office or school works, we would have to print a certain file or document that we need to submit and meet the deadline. According to expert sources, if you do not know how to perform document printing, this article can help you out! It’s totally simple.

What would I need?

  • A desktop computer with Microsoft Word
  • The working printer already installed to your desktop computer (it can either be wireless or installed via cable)
  • Bond paper

Let’s Print!

Once you have already prepared the things that you need, you may now proceed with the navigation to the computer in order to perform the printing of your document. Here are the steps that will guide you on how to do it:

Step 1

Locate the file that you want to print, and then open it.

Step 2

When it is done, move your cursor to the upper left part of your Microsoft Word. You will see a button that says ‘File’. Click it, and a box will appear.

Step 3

Once that box appears, click on the word that says, ‘Print’.

If in case you cannot perform Steps 2 and 3, it must mean that you are using an older version of Microsoft Word. It has no ‘File’ button in it, but rather, a circular button of Microsoft Ofice can be found at the upper left part of the screen. Click that one, and look for the word ‘Print’, then click it.

Step 4

After clicking ‘Print’, another box will appear which contains further information and configuration in the process. You may select the number of copies you want to print as well as the printer you want to print them too. Choose the printer that is already connected to your computer.

Step 5

You may select other options if you would like to have all the pages printed or just specific pages. You may also alter the file’s orientation, either landscape or portrait. One more important thing is you may see a preview version of how your document will appear after it has been printed. Just click ‘Preview’.

Step 6

Once you are settled with the configuration or settings you selected, you may now insert a bond paper on your printer. Next to that, you can finally click the ‘Print’ button found at that dialogue box. Your printer will start printing your document.

Additional Advanced Setting

You may also choose if you want to print in grayscale (black and white). Just click on Printer Properties, then hit on the ‘Color’ tab, and press ‘Black & White’. If you have colors to be printed, you may choose ‘Color’.

You may also choose to print your file on a single side of a page. In the Settings, just hit on the option that says ‘Print One-Sided’. Other than that, you may just do it manually by selecting ‘Manually Print on Both Sides’.

Use that Printer!

Now that you know how to print your document, you will no longer have the struggle of going to printing shops to pay for their service. If you have a working printer lying around in your home or in your office, now is the time to use it.

Sometimes, the smallest things like now knowing how to print can create big impacts. With this guide, you will no longer have the awkward nervousness when trying to figure out how to print your own document.

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