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The government may sound like they are the last people who will be involved in the gaming industry. In fact, several lawmakers have expressed dislike over video games. However, You can read this article to know how much involvement the government has when it comes to the gaming industry. Here are six different ways the government is reaping from video games:

Build a Supercomputer

It was reported in 2011 that the government had built the Condor Supercomputer from 1,716 Sony PS3 consoles. The Air Force Research Laboratory initiated this. This development is intended to be used in studying the cosmos and the natural networks.

Create Your Own Video Game

The National Endowment for the Arts, which is an independent federal agency that supports, promotes, and funds the community artistic abilities has given a guideline which includes video games to receive funding as well.

However, for a game to receive funding from NEA, the principles of the game must adhere to its goal of promulgating a “high standard of excellence.” It must also foster interaction between the community in shared spaces.

For example, you can create a video game that revolves around Beyblade. Beyblade requires skill and artistic ability, which is why many have considered it to be a legitimate sport already. You can encourage community gatherings in public spaces by doing Beyblade battles.

Traffic Simulation

It seems like the government is dipping their hands into video games and making them into traffic simulators. For example, the California Transportation Authority developed a game called Bay Bridge Explored. It is a mobile video game that can be downloaded on iOS devices. It allows users to simulate different routes to avoid traffic and how it feels to drive in the new directions opened.

Shooting Simulation

Recently, The U.S army developed the game America’s Army. It is a first-person shooter simulation intended to be used for the internal training of recruits. The game teaches recruits to evaluate different shooting situations.

The state has invested millions of dollars into this game development. It only goes to show that they are seriously considering its application in military training as well.


CityOne is a free-to-play game from IBM. It simulates an entirely digitized society with better customer service. In this game, the players manage the city’s banking, retail, energy, and water management. This game is a lot similar to SimCity.

Rescue Simulation

Multiple governments are looking into the rescue simulation game from Blitz Games Studios and TruSim. Their game provides an educational simulation of interactive trauma treatment, triage, and patient rescue.

This simulation has already been used in many universities and hospitals. It will only be a matter of time to see governments using it as well.

Final Word

In the past, video games such as Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross may have negative reputations from lawmakers. However, more and more governments are looking at the positive benefits of video games in training and management. It only goes to show how much potential the industry has beyond entertainment.

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