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From cooking to committing to arts and music, it seems like we had tried every possible hobby we could think of this season of the pandemic. Including the organic garden supply like a professional gardener.

Aside from the stress and mental burn out we received while thinking about our financial, social, and mental health, we could not deny the anxiety of possibly having a disease in this season.

That is one of the reasons why most of us are encouraged right now to cook our food and if possible raise our vegetables and fruits. The approach of owning a home garden was already one of the most promising approaches back then and even more now.

Given our current case, it is one of the most proven effective approaches to secure household food and well being.

Definition of Home Garden

Many do not know what home gardening is, so here is a brief overview. Home Garden is defined as a farming system with the perfect combination of physical, social, and economic functions of an area of land around your family house.

Most people also use it as a workplace and storage of products that are farm produced. Topped up with proper garden supplies and care for the garden, you can easily produce one.

Benefits of Owning A Home Garden

Beneficial For Your Mental Health

As awareness for mental health increases, people eventually begin to search for ways on how to maintain health not just physically but also psychologically. It is then proven that in some ways, gardening or doing something out of the ordinary can lead to having a sense of inner peace. In a way you can call it therapy, that is why it is said to be beneficial for your mental health.

Eventually Saves Money

Let us face it, both the vegetables and fruits you purchase in the wet and public market can be a little bit too pricy sometimes. One benefit of owning a home garden could also mean that you would spend less money in markets. Not only would be sure to eat fresh and newly picked ones but you would also be able to save more.

Easily Provide Food in The Table

Have you ever had a time where you’re too tired or too lazy to go to the market but still need to because you need to cook? Pretty sure every one of us at least had one or more moments like that. This is where home gardens come in, providing the essential vegetables in an instant without you having to leave the premise of your home.


This season of a pandemic has been harsh for everyone but it would mostly be for those who do not have the financial ability to provide for a long-term quarantine season.

This new approach to gardening will not also help provide for us in the future but will also guarantee security for our food and well-being.

It also serves us with a new lesson that we should always think of the worst outcome to be fully prepared for an emergency and surprising situations like this one.

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