Cannabis Legislation

With the current Canadian Cannabis legalization in five states and the recent win of Joe Biden for the presidency, who is known to favor decriminalizing the use of cannabis, the upcoming U.S. House of Representative and Senate election may have a huge influence on the Federal cannabis legislation. These events may lead to more politicians becoming in favor of the pending cannabis reform and may eventually result in the legalization of cannabis in Canada.

The Explanation

Although several Democrats lost seats in the preliminary elections, the political party is still in the majority as of the preliminary results. And considering the fact that cannabis legalization won in Republican states like Montana and South Dakota, there’s a big possibility that some Republicans will start to reconsider their stand towards cannabis reform as well.

D’Arcangelo, Cannabis Voter Project director, was confident that the support for marijuana reform would increase because cannabis legalization winnings in those states come easily.

To know what party will have the final say in the U.S Senate still depends on the results of the Georgia runoff elections this coming January. If the Democrats win both elections by any chance, the party will have the majority of the seats in the Senate. If that’s the case, then there’s a bigger chance for marijuana legalization to pass at the federal level.

This is if you consider the fact that Chuck Schumer, Democrats (Senate) leader, had promised to do actions on marijuana legalization once they take the Senate. They have made it clear, though, that the said reform is not the party’s topmost priority.

However, since many Democrats had voted for marijuana legalization, the possibility of having the reform passed at the federal level is higher if the party leads the Senate. If that’s the case, then the legalization of cannabis in Canada and all the other states become possible.

The Possible Setback

Not all Democrats leaders are in favor of cannabis reform though. However, since many of their constituents are vocal about their support for medical cannabis and marijuana legalization, they are likely to support the stand of the majority. With the majority of the Democrats taking seats in the Senate, the possibility of cannabis reform to gain favor in the House of Representatives is huge.

Nothing is certain, though, as D’Arcangelo pointed out. But most of the Democrats’ constituents stand on the whole cannabis legalization reform. If, by any chance, more Republicans will start to show support for the said reform, then the chances of having marijuana decriminalized are pretty high.

Final Words

In conclusion, the future of the legalization of cannabis in Canada and all the other states depends largely on the U.S. House and Senate results. Whether the marijuana reform passed the federal level or not highly depends on what political party will take the majority of the seats in the U.S House and the Senate.

And with Democrats leading the preliminary results of the election, the possibility of having cannabis decriminalized is quite strong.

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