Major Religions about Marijuana

Cannabis, commonly known as Marijuana, is a psychoactive drug that is produced through the cannabis plant. According to Gentleman Toker, It is usually used for recreational and medical purposes. However, in this modern era, it is also viewed as an illegal substance. The cultivation and use of this kind of drug are prohibited in most countries in the world.

Various religions have different stances or views about Marijuana. In the old days, some religions used it for spiritual development purposes. Some view it as medicinal herbs that can aid humanity, and some considered it a sin.

Here are the stance and views of some major religions about Marijuana:


According to Corinthians 6:19-20, our body is the Holy Spirit’s temple. Herbs and other drugs that are used for healing may be viewed as one of the ways of the Christian life.

Also, in Psalm 104:14, it is stated that God created herbs to help the people.

It seems that no part of the Bible prohibits the use of Marijuana. So, for Christians, the use of it is not a major issue somehow.


The Buddhist religion is not strict, unlike other religions. It is more focused on the spiritual development of their people.

In some of their traditions, they acknowledge the use of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a chemical in cannabis that is responsible for what they so-called being ‘high.’

There is nothing that prevents Buddhists from using Marijuana, especially the teachings of Buddha are not for adhering to strict rules but focusing on attaining Nirvana.


In the Islam religion, there are no specific rules that prohibit the use of Marijuana. Although some might say that even the scriptures said nothing about it, it does not mean that the use of it should be allowed.

The issue about the use of Marijuana in Islam is its intoxicating effect. Some might support that it is prohibited, and they based it on the second Surah (verse 219) and fifth Surah (verse 90/91). According to these verses, wine is forbidden because it is considered Satan’s tool. Some interpreted this verse that wine is like other intoxicants. Therefore, alcohol consumption, which is prohibited in Islam, is compared to the use of Marijuana.


The history of using Marijuana in Jewish tradition is very old. Some Judaism scholars believe that when God ordered Moses to create an anointing oil (Exodus 30:22-30), cannabis is one ingredient.

The traditional views of not tolerating the use of Marijuana are based on the effects of the substance on the user’s judgment and focus. Jews have principles, and they are expected to have a good state of mind for them to help their people and community.


The use of Marijuana is very controversial. It is considered illegal in other countries, probably because of its bad effects, both physically and mentally. It can result in having euphoria, difficulty concentrating, and having an altered state of mind.

In some religions, its use is part of their traditions, and viewed its use as sacred. However, some might disagree because of its devastating effects when overused.

In our world today, the world of innovation. Some people used cannabis or Marijuana as a medicine; although it can cause harmful effects, you also need to consider that it can also bring good results and help humanity. So, using it the best way with restrictions is probably the best option to harness its potential.

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