National Electrical Contractors’ Association Endorses Lynda Wilson for Senate

NECA has given their support to Lynda Wilson in her campaign as State Senate of the 17th Legislative district of Washington. A lot of other business associations and independent contractors have also expressed support for Wilson. NECA strongly believes that Wilson will be tackling several issues that concern them. These issues are certificate requirements, license requirements, building code revisions, B&O taxes, and options for obtaining industrial insurance as a part of the private sector. The resolution of these concerns is in line with Wilson’s motives to create an…

Public Education Advocacy Group Endorses Wilson

Stand for Children, a public education advocacy group has supported Lynda Wilson in her campaign as State Senate in the 17th Legislative district of Washington. One of the goals of the Stand for Children organization is to elect bold and just leaders, along with the advancement of public education, and the empowerment of parents.
The mission of Stand for Children is to ensure that every child in different backgrounds will graduate from high school and will have the opportunity to pursue a college education or undergo career training. One of the steps they make to …

World Leaders and Their Mobile Phone Devices

Mobile Phone Devices

Mobile phones have immensely changed the world. Best mobile plans are now among the properties that a person has to have in order to connect to the rest of the planet. According to The Statistics Portal, the number of users of mobile phones reached up to 4.68 billion in 2019. That is basically 67 percent of the entire world population. The boost in the mobile phone market is credited to the swelling popularity and usability of smartphones. Samsung and Apple are considered to be the leading brands of …

Tips for Running an Effective Political Advertising Campaign with Custom T-Shirts

Advertising Campaign with Custom T-Shirts

Are you an aspiring councilor? Mayor? Governor? or senator? No matter what position you desire in order to serve and govern people, election campaigns are vital in order to win your post.There are several marketing ideas to aid your electoral campaigns: Social Media, Flyers, Advertisements, or even with customized paraphernalia like custom t shirt printing.
Politicians invest a lot on their political campaigns as this is a way to connect to the masses. It lets you promote your ideologies, plans, and programs for the people …

Pornography could Influence the US Economy more than Netflix

US Economy more than Netflix

According to poll in 2012 revealed that the porn industry is making about $5 billion yearly.
Porn industry revenue estimates differ widely. Some don’t believe it’s $5 billion, while others believe that it’s more than that.
Alec Helmy, founder and publisher of XBIZ, said that because porn businesses are private, no one can accurately estimate how much billions the industry is making. Others even say that it makes up to $97 billion.
Yes, you are paying Netflix for a monthly…