Education is one of Lynda’s top priorities aside from creating better business opportunities, forming a just economic environment, and protecting the individual rights of the citizens.

Lynda understands the value of education as it gives our youth the opportunity to unleash their potential and create a stronger foundation for the future. She supported the additional $4.7 billion investment made by the Legislature in the past four years for the development of K-12 education. This huge investment reduced the class sizes of K-3, extended whole day kindergarten, aided educators’ COLA, and reduced the cost of operations, supplies, and materials. Lynda is honored to be one of those who supported this movement and understood the essence of this major investment.

Lynda believes that we must always have the drive to learn continuously. She also understands that everyone is not bound for college due to financial reasons. That is why part of her agenda is to invest in education to enhance the vocational skills of the people such as auto mechanics, carpentry, and many more. Her agenda towards education is in partnership with her own family business, DeWills, and with Clark County Skills Center who is investing as a corporate sponsor for their programs.

Finally, Lynda believes that when it comes to education, the youth and their parents deserve better choices and more opportunities. She also stressed that classrooms should receive more educational resources from the state rather than the education bureaucracy, and the necessities of the children should always be of paramount concern.