Our cheapest energy source is hydropower.

In 2006, the hydropower was determined as a non-renewable energy source after the passing of the I-937. Lynda firmly disagrees with this movement and she wants it reverted back. She understands the importance of reclassifying and recognizing hydropower as a natural source of renewable energy.

The expenses in energy constantly increase for the citizens of Washington as they continue to use solar energy and wind power which are more expensive. The least expensive energy of Washington is not for the benefit of its locals as it’s continuously shipped to other states across the country, most notably the state of California.

Over the past four years in Germany, the locals found out that wind and solar energy have ramped up the prices of power sources by 17%; thus their small businesses are plagued with billions of dollars of cost in utilities.

Lynda wants to remind the local government of Washington that what happened to Germany should serve as a reminder regarding the importance of renewable energy such as hydropower.