Lynda Wilson places a lot of value in developing and maintaining a clean environment.

The protection of the environment and natural resources of Washington State is essential for Lynda to maintain the state’s status as one of the most suitable places to live in the United States. Lynda believes that the state should make certain actions to ensure that the quality of the environment is maintained and nurtured for the sake of future generations. She also believes that there is no need to trade economic opportunities and thousands of jobs to achieve this goal.

Plans to usurp the legislative authority by proposing the establishment of a cap-and-trade program and ill-advised fuel standard with low carbon were made by the Department of Ecology and the Governor’s Office. Lynda understands that this move will devastate the economy and hurt the pockets of the locals while providing zero benefits for the environment.

As a representative, Lynda Wilson will do everything in her power for the protection of the environment without sacrificing the ability to make the most of our property rights by working, playing, and enjoying. Let us all help her in the fight against the abuses of power done by the Department of Ecology.