Her Aim is to review and Restore Opportunity, Trust, & Freedom

Lynda Wilson is highly honored and privileged to embody the citizens of the Seventeenth District. Get to know more about her illustrious life.

Lynda Wilson is a Washington native and lived her life in Clark County. She’s stayed in the county since the year 1973, the year her father retired and finally settled in. In 1976, Lynda graduated high school at the Evergreen High School. In the years that followed, she lived her life as an adult, got married to her husband Tracy, and grew 3 daughters together.

Lynda and her family are part-owners of the DeWils Industries, a kitchen cabinet manufacturing company. The company was started by her husband’s father in 1959 and was passed on to them after his passing. They have about 130 people under their employment in family-wage jobs. Their products are disseminated through the United States, Canada, and far eastern country Japan.

Lynda’s stint in the realm of politics started in 2010, wherein she was part of the Republican Party. Within the same year, Lynda was also one of the delegates of the WA State Republican Convention. She later served in the Clark County Republican Party as Chairman until the year 2014. To invest full commitment and dedication to sign-up for House, Lynda decided to resign and left her leadership position in the party.

With the support of her family, neighbors, and friends, Lynda was victorious in her campaign for a House of Representatives position in November 2014. Her first service in a session lasted 176 days which was pretty historic. Throughout her time as State Representative, Lynda was chosen to the Public Safety Committees, House Transportation, and bipartisan Joint Administrative Rules Review Committee. She also had a leadership position as Assistant Minority Whip. Lastly, in 2015, Lynda was selected in the Community Development, Housing, and Tribal Affairs Committee as one of its Ranking Members.

Lynda’s motivation in her campaign in 2014 as State Representative is to be an instrument for the creation of more jobs, reduction of regulations, lowering of taxes, and the protection of the people’s freedom from the higher government. As an owner of a small and humble business, Lynda understands that the government clips the wings of businesses by burdening them with their rules and regulations. That is why in 2015 and 2016, she introduced a bill wherein state agencies will be brought with more accountability.

Lynda decided to campaign for the State Senate to continue her agenda in promoting more opportunities for the citizens of Clark County. She will continue to fight against bills that burden the people with higher taxes, minimal job opportunities, and restraint of individual rights.

Lynda is more than ready to make her stand in the State Senate as she bravely did in the House of Representatives. You can certainly count on her.